Contemporary & Avantgarde, Custom-Made Luxury Furniture

Refund Policy

1.1. We have a no refund policy and will not issue any refunds.

1.2. Exchange only service provided, this can be via changing for another similar product or we will issue a voucher in which you could use within the time frame presented to you. Our company will only provide an exchange of goods. The goods will not be exchangeable if it is an order where changes have been made to the product specifically on customers preferences and requests. Changesmade to products presented to customers for their own preferences, will not hold an exchanging quality, as manufacturers will be creating one specific type for that customer only. Customers will only be able to exchange within the same price range and products similar to their purchased product.

1.3 Purchasing display products. Customers are given the option to purchase only specific products directly from display if agreed upon by both parties. Customers whom are willing to purchase a display product will have to examine the product at the store before agreeing to purchase it. Any foreseeable damage on the product caused whilst in store will have to be