Contemporary & Avantgarde, Custom-Made Luxury Furniture

Terms of Services

In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions shall have the following meanings: “The Company” means Anka Home Furniture Ltd. “The Customer” means a person to whom the Company makes an Offer (whether or not that Offer leads to the formation of a Contract between the Company and the Customer or between the Company and an agent for the Customer) and any person with whom there is a Contract. “Contract” means any agreement arrangement or state of affairs whereby the Company owes obligations. “Force Majeure” means war civil disturbance, fire flood or other natural disaster, strike lockout or other labour dispute legislation or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the Company. “Warranty Period” means 2-year manufacturer guarantee commencing on the date of delivery of the relevant goods or the completion of the supply of the relevant goods and services.

Unless otherwise stated in an Offer, an Offer is available for acceptance by the Customer within 30 days and if not accepted within that period, shall lapse unless the Company agrees otherwise in writing. The Customer should deliver to the Company an order in the form required by the Company, signed by the Customer or by his duly authorised agent to be accepted and should pay any deposit needed. A deposit of 40% is requested from customers by the company, in order to process and confirm the order. Unless, a revised deposit amount is agreed during the time of placement of the order, the order will remain on hold until the deposit is paid.

Prices for goods/services sold are as stated in the Offer. In case the Customer agrees with the Company for an express delivery date, the Customer pays an extra delivery charge. In case the goods will be kept in storage/company warehouse, the Customer pays the cost of storage fee of minimum £30 per week and more, plus a reasonable administration charge. In case the Customer and the Company agrees for a specialdesign, the Customer will pay the cost of re-design and amendment to the working drawings. In case the Customer’s house and room to install the furniture are not emptied before the delivery, additional costs incur. The Company delivery team may agree on taking the stuff out of the house with an additional cost and rules especially for electronic devices but without a must. The Company keeps the right to charge the Customer for the attempted delivery. The price of the goods and services are expressly mentioned during the sale and the customer is always made aware of any informative information, as to price within the receipt given after every purchase. Receipt given must be read and signed in order to confirm the purchase and forming a binding contract between the two parties. If a customer has any objection as to the price, they may mention this before the process has begun and finalised. Any form of rejection of the price after the contract has been made is not a valid disagreement and no changes could be made as to the price or product. Customer will usually pay for the cost of additional re-design and amendments, unless the customer and company agree otherwise during negotiation of purchase. The company will charge extra for any further changes requested after the order has been confirmed and processed. The company provides free delivery and installation to all customers. However, various exceptions are exempt from this service. If an express delivery date has been agreed during the purchase, then charges will apply. An additional hold of the goods within the company’s warehouse on the request or delay caused by customer, would mean that the customer is charged for the storage fee of a minimum of £30 per week or more; as well as a reasonable administration charge.

4.1 Sizes: Goods are manufactured to be within reasonable commercial standards of tolerances for goods of their type. 4.2 The company will make its best efforts to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on the website, though no guarantee can be made that monitor or display screen equipment will accurately reflect the colour of the products delivered.
4.3 Quality of the furniture supplied by the Company that is hand made using natural materials may have natural marks and other features and will not have the even and consistent finish appearance and shape found in machined goods made with artificial materials and materials treated in order to achieve that effect. There will be minor variations in colour and appearance between on the one hand the goods and on the other hand pieces on display in the Company’s showrooms or in its brochures or samples. The Customer acknowledges that such characteristics and variations are not to be regarded as defects for the purpose of assessing whether or not the goods are of satisfactory quality or otherwise in accordance with the Contract.
4.4 The Company’s brochures or other publicity material do not constitute or contain any representation or warranties by the Company and do not form part of an Offer or any Contract.
4.5 The Company reserves the right without affecting its liabilities to the Customer to make changes to the specification of goods due to changes made by the manufacturer or otherwise provided that the changes do not materially affect the use quality or performance of the goods.
4.6 There will be no price adjustment on account of specification changes nor shall the Customer be entitled to reject goods on account of specification changes as aforesaid.
4.7 The Company in consultation with the Customer may substitute goods with others of similar type and quality where reasonably necessary in order to complete a Contract.

The Company offers a manufacturer warranty which means duringthe Warranty Period, if the goods are found defective due to faulty materials or workmanship upon inspection by the Company, the Company will repair the defective goods. Repair would depend on the circumstances and cause of damage, a request outside our general
repairment policy is not applicable. Our policy excludes extraordinary and unreasonable requests, such as change of the colour or fabric of a furniture completely, whereas small rips caused within first 2 weeks of purchase, can be easily repaired byus free of charge. We would only be able to offer a repair on several occasions if, it is again approved by our terms policy in terms of considering the date, cause, damage and depth of repairment, meaning the request must be within standard expectations.We offer multiple repairment if the issues raised are easily solvable and of reasonlessness, any further requests would be considered and solved of a one-time occasion, if possible, in order to help support our customers. In relation to customised furniture for our customers preferences, the warrant policy will not be valid and customers will be charged for such changes, unless it is again completely an issue with manufacturing and reported upon one week of delivery made. In case the Company cannot repair the defective product in which customer has no fault in the damage caused, the amount of the defected good mentioned on the Contract will be issued as a store credit amount for the customer. This again is not valid for customised products. The Customer hasa liability to check every item delivered, installed, used operated and maintained in accordance with the Company’s or the manufacturer’s every possible instruction manual, whether it has any faulty, on the date of delivery and sign the delivery note as aproof accordingly. Otherwise, the Company has no liability to service for aftersales of the goods.

The price of the goods sold or the goods and services supplied by the Company is to be paid without deduction or self-off on or before the due date or dates for payment stated in the Offer. The Customer is liable to pay the balance amount of an order total before the delivery of the all/partial goods. The company policy requests 40% deposit payment in order to confirm the order. The entire outstanding balance must be paid completely two days before delivery is made, in order to avoid any inconvenience for both parties. We do not accept payments at the customers home during delivery. If the Customer breaches the payment conditions, the Company shallbe entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount from the date it fell due until payment made. If goods are ready for despatch in the warehouse and the Customer is unable to receive them for whatever reason against the Company’s demand to deliver,then all payments remaining due under the Contract shall at the discretion of the Company be accelerated and become due and payable within 3 days.

7.1. The Customer acknowledges that before entering into any Contract with the Company, he has represented and warranted that he is not insolvent and has not committed any act of bankruptcy, or being a company with limited or unlimited liability, knows of no circumstances up of the Customer or exercise any other rights over or against the Customer’s assets.
7.2. Title in the goods shall pass upon payment of the whole of the price of those goods (as varied under these Terms and Conditions and including any Interest accrued in the price) and until then the goods shall be and remain the sole and absolute property of the Company as legal and beneficial owner.
7.3. Until title passes in accordance with condition (10), the Customer will be in possession of the goods solely as the Bailee of the Company.

Goods supplied by the Company shall be at the sole risk of the Customer as soon as they are delivered by the Company to the Customer’s premises and it shall be the responsibility of the Customer at its own cost to insure the goods in their full reinstatement value against all usualrisks and to property store them until title has passed.


All drawings, calculations, brochures and instructive matter furnished by the Company to the Customer in conclusion with the Contract are and shall remain the property of the Company and must not be copied without the prior approval of the Company.

10.1. If the Customer is in breach of paying the amount of the goods to the Company, the Company shall be entitled to suspend any deliveries to the Customer, the performance of any services and any other obligations to the
Customer until the outstanding monies and interest thereon are paid in full and the Customer shall also be liable or the extra storage and transport costs incurred by the Company in connection with the suspension.
10.2. If a payment remains outstanding 30 days after it fell due to the Company shall be entitled on notice to the Customer forthwith to terminate the Contract and any other contract with the Customer. Such termination shall takeeffect without prejudice to the Company’s rights and remedies in respect of breaches prior to the date of termination and the Customer shall be liable also to reimburse the Company for any loss cost or expenses the Company may incur in re-selling or attempting to resell the goods recovered from the customer or remaining to be supplied under the contract (but or the termination) which loss cost or expenses shall be recoverable as a debt.

11.1. Each of the Company’s remedies is a separate remedy and operates without prejudice to any other remedy.
11.2. Any payment or reimbursement to be made by the Customer under these Terms and Conditions shall bear interest (both before and after judgement) from the date or payment or reimbursement fell due until payment is made.
11.3. Any notice agreement approval or decision of the Company under these Terms and Conditions shall be in writing and no person dealing with or handling the goods or providing services other than the Company itself has any rightor authority to bind the Company in any way or to assume on the Company’s behalf any obligation express or implied.
11.4. Each of these Terms and Conditions shall be severable and distinct from one another and if one or more of such provisions is invalid or unenforceable the remaining Terms and Conditions shall not in any way be affected.
11.5. If the Customer is two or more person then the obligations of the Customer shall be joint and several.
11.6. Any failure by the Company to enforce any of the Terms and Conditions or any delay in enforcing them shall not constitute a waiver of those Terms and conditions.
11.7. The company and the customer agree that no person who is not a party to the contract shall be entitled by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to the benefit of it or be entitled to enforce any of its terms.
11.8. To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be liable for any misrepresentation arising from printing or clerical errors, statements by third parties accepted by the Company in writing.
11.9. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the Customer hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
11.10. The headings to these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and are not intended to from part of these Terms Conditions.

12.1. A non-refundable design fee or deposit is required at the time of order, which is the date of acceptance. Individual payment termswill be outlined on each order which must be adhered to 30% of each contract total.
12.2. Late payment will have interest added a 8% over the bank of England’s rate.
12.3. Any non-payment will result in non-delivery or non-installation of goods and no liability shall be accepted by company for any costs that may be incurred by the client.
12.4. Full payment will be due once the furniture has been manufactured, whether delivered or not.
16.5. Payment means “cleared funds”.13.5.. Should a client cancel an order whilst we are in production the balance will be payable.

13.1. Any variation from the working drawings will be deemed a variation and therefore may incur a charge.
13.2. We reserve the right to charge up to £600 plus VAT without providing a quotation for additional work during installation should our filters be delayed due to site conditions. Additional charges will be invoiced separately and payable within 7 days.

14.1. Working drawings for fitted furniture will be produced for approval before manufacture, these drawings replace all specifications and other details outlined on previous paperwork such as quotations etc.
14.2. Drawings will be provided to the client on paper or by electronic means for approval.
14.3. Once drawings are approved any variation may incur an additional cost or a delay in deliver.
14.4. Drawings are produced for design and manufacture requirements, should they be used by other trades, we are not liable for any implications. Service are illustrated for guidance only.

15.1 Items from stock; If after having placed your stock order, you have a chance of cancellation within the 3days after the order commitment, before the delivery of the goods. Once we acknowledge receipt of your cancellation within the permitted period, you will receive a full refund using the same method as your original payment. A cancellation notice, together with your receipt, will be posted/e-mailed to your nominated address.
15.2. Bespoke items or Special Orders (orders manufactures once order placed); If the items ordered are not from stock we will have commissioned a supplier to make them specifically for you. Unless we receive your written notification to cancel within 7 days of you receiving our first order acknowledgement (via email or hard copy from the showroom), we regret to advise you that we will have to charge a cancellation fee.
15.3. Cancellation Fees; Once 7 days have passed from receiving your order acknowledgment and you decide to cancel your order, a cancellation fee of 50% of the order value will be charged and the balance if paid would be refunded. Once your order has been delivered and you sign the delivery note of your acceptance you are no longer able to cancel your order. This does not affect your statutory rights.